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منزل المنتجاتWelding Fume Extractor

Professional Welding Fume Eliminator , Welding Fumes Extractors System Low Noise

Professional Welding Fume Eliminator , Welding Fumes Extractors System Low Noise

    • Professional Welding Fume Eliminator ,  Welding Fumes Extractors System Low Noise
  • Professional Welding Fume Eliminator ,  Welding Fumes Extractors System Low Noise

    تفاصيل المنتج:

    Place of Origin: China
    اسم العلامة التجارية: Waterun
    إصدار الشهادات: CE/ROHS/SGS
    Model Number: F2000D

    شروط الدفع والشحن:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    الأسعار: negotiation
    Packaging Details: 42x32x55.5cm/set, 20kgs
    Delivery Time: 10 working days after received your payment
    Payment Terms: T/T, western Union or Paypal
    Supply Ability: 1,000pcs per month
    مفصلة وصف المنتج
    Product Name: Welding Fumes Extractor Application: absorb welding fumes and dusts
    Material: Metal,Plastic,HEPA filter Noise: less than 70 dB
    Duct Diameter: dia75mm Color: Grey
    Systemic flow: 430m3/h Filtering efficiency: 99.97% 0.3micron
    تسليط الضوء:

    mobile welding fume extractor


    weld fume extractors

    F2000D Welding Fume Eliminator ,  Welding Fumes Extractor System

    Model Number:


    Filters Quantity:

    Dust Bag 1 pcs, F8 filter 1pcs, glass fiber filter 1pc


    110-220V, 330W

    Systemic Flow:


    Filtering Efficiency:

    0.3micron 99.97%

    Length of Duct:



    Less than 70db



    Net weight


    1. F2000D is specially designed for absorbing the powder or dust generated by grinding, polishing, cutting, stamping , wood dust, end of crumbs, crushed scrap metal.etc.
    2. Specially-designed alloy eddy current wind wheel is featured by fatigue-resistance, stable running, low noise, large air volume and high efficiency.
    3. Preliminary-effect, medium effect and main filtering elements can be changed independently. Not only does this designing form lengthen the using-span of filters, but also lowers the using cost of filters.
    4. Multistage filtering design guarantees the thorough harmful matters filtering in smog, protecting environment and human health.
    5. Stepless speed regulating makes air quantity adjusted at will.
    6. Smog-absorbing pipeline can be changed in direction and positioned randomly and operated easily and conveniently. Other smoke-absorbing pipelines shall not be paved additionally, beneficial for the cleanness and beauty of working space.
    7. Casters installed under the bottom are convenient for movement.
    8. Full-metallic framework structure design can resist strong impact and vibration.
    1. Brushless motor with low noise, small vibration, stable running, long life-span, low electricity consumption, high efficiency (Zero maintenance and zero consumables of brushless motor spare parts).
    2. Equipped with the remote control, the operator can control the machine from a distance.
    3.With the intelligent control panel and digital display, the operation becomes easy and simple. By pressing the button, you can freely adjust the air volume and set the working time,. you can achieve real-time monitoring on the working status.
    4. The machine surface is made of metal, more corrosion resistance and durable
    5. Multiple filtering ensure through purifying efficiency
    6. Front sight glass design to observe the dust in real time
    Waterun Technology Co.,Ltd manufacturing a variety of high quality air purification systems for filter the harmful substances. Don’t despair if you don’t see your application listed below. Our modular product line can be configured in a number of different ways to address your specific requirements.
    Contact us today to find out the solutions! Our line of floor, bench top, mounted and portable units serve a variety of applications including welding, soldering, manufacturing, laboratory and pharmaceutical operations.


     soldering fume extractor


     laser cutting, laser engraving and marking


     welding, laser welding


     electronics Manufacturing


     medical, moxibustion, moxa-moxibustion


     beauty fume extraction


     3D printing


     Pharmaceutical and laboratories, chemical


     dust collector

    Competitive Advantage:
    Compared with the products from foreign countries, our products in terms of the effect is almost the same, but the majority of our products are less than USD2000, so our products are cost-effective, and the use of more affordable cost. The products from abroad mainly purify the viruses and bacteria as the main direction of governance. In China not only to purify viruses, bacteria, but also clean harmful smoke pollution. WHO estimates that there are over 200 million people deaths each year due to inhalation of indoor and outdoor air pollution in small particles.
    Our company uses a brushless motor, compare with the ordinary motor, this motor speed is higher, lower noise, it does not require maintenance, but longer product life span. Self-developed impeller, better quality than ordinary plastic impeller, more stable, more powerful suction. The unique tiered filter design, can effectively purify the toxic and harmful substances in the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon gas, sulfur dioxide..etc, and use of low cost.
    1. What’s the functions for the filters?
    Answers. 1) Pre-Filter/F8 pre-filter: the large-size pad filter can filter large particles of dust (according the requirement to select pre-filter or F8)
    2) PP Middle Filter/Fiber glass filter: it filters the middle-size, small size particles bigger powders for prolonging the main filter's life. (according the requirement to select PP middle filter or fiber glass filter,can use both, the efficiency better.)
    3) Main Filter/Active carbon: it cleans harmful particles and fumes.
    4) High efficiency filter(combine middle filter and active carbon filter): it can filter about 0.3micron particles and other harmful fumes.
    2. What’s the life span of our fume extractor?
    Answer: Motor lifetime is (continuous working 24 hours) 20,000 hours, consider environmental factors. Usually it can use 4-5 years without any problems.
    4. What’s the best distance between the nozzle and the smokes? 
    Answer: The distance to be 5-15cm is the best.
    6. How long need to to replace the pre-filter, middle filter and the main filter?
    Answer: 1. Pre-filter : normally needs to replace by 1 months
                 2. Middle filter: normally needs to replace by 3 months
                 3. Main filter: normally needs to replace by 6 months.
    7. Can our fume extractor completely filtered poison gas?
    Answer: No, there still no any kind of filter can filter out 100% of poison gas, but you can make a different filter net rate upon request.

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