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Precision Hakko Soldering Iron Tips 900L Series for Hakko Soldering Iron Stations

Precision Hakko Soldering Iron Tips 900L Series for Hakko Soldering Iron Stations

    • Precision Hakko Soldering Iron Tips 900L Series for Hakko Soldering Iron Stations
  • Precision Hakko Soldering Iron Tips 900L Series for Hakko Soldering Iron Stations

    تفاصيل المنتج:

    Place of Origin: China
    اسم العلامة التجارية: WATERUN OR HAKKO
    إصدار الشهادات: ROHS, SGS
    Model Number: 900L-T-B

    شروط الدفع والشحن:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
    الأسعار: negotiation
    Packaging Details: 10 pcs/pack or 1 pc/pack
    Delivery Time: 3~5 days
    Payment Terms: Ex works
    Supply Ability: 500, 000PCS/month
    مفصلة وصف المنتج
    Tip Shape: B, C, D, K, I shape Material: Lead free copper
    Tip Length: 20mm Color: Sliver
    Feature: Quick heat performance Application: Hakko soldering station
    OEM: Accept Environmental: Yes
    تسليط الضوء:

    Hakko Replacement Tips


    welding safety tips


    Precision Hakko Soldering Iron Tips 900L Series for Hakko Soldering Iron Stations





    1. All the soldering tips can work beautiful joint point. 

    2. Appearance with special machinery and production process, size accurate.  

    3. Oxygen-free copper production with Rohs certificate

    4. The soldering tip adopt the new plating process,corrosion,antioxidant and lead-free environmental.  

    5. 900L series soldering tip is used with Hakko 936, 937 and other equivalent soldering stations.

    6. Quick heat conduction.





    1. This shape B is All-round type which can be used from any direction and it is available for any works.

    2. Therefore it is not only accessible for the soldering beginners but also suitable for the experienced.

    3. Suitable for precision welding or soldering cramped conditions, 

    4. It can also produce tin soldering chip Fixed bridges







    900M Soldering tips

    900M-T-3.2LD, 900M-T-B, 900M-T-SB, 900M-T-S9, 900M-T-S8, 900M-T-S7, 

    900M-T-S6, 900M-T-S4, 900M-T-S3, 900M-T-RT, 900M-T-R1, 900M-T-LB, 

    900M-T-K , 900M-T-I, 900M-T-H , 900M-T-B, 900M-T-4CF, 900M-T-4C, 

    900M-T-3CF, 900M-T-3C, 900M-T-3.2D, 900M-T-2LD, 900M-T-2CF, 

    900M-T-0.8C, 900M-T-0.5C, 900M-T-RB, 900M-T-2C, 900M-T-2.4D, 

    900M-T-1CF, 900M-T-1C, 900M-T-1.8H, 900M-T-1.6D,  900M-T-1.5CF, 

    900M-T-1.2LD, 900M-T-1.2D, 900M-T-0.8D

    900L Soldering tips

    900L-T-I, 900L-T-B, 900L-T-2C, 900L-T-1C, 900S-T-1.6D, 900L-T-1.2D, 

    900L-T-SI, 900L-T-LB, 900L-T-K,  900L-T-I, 900L-T-B, 900L-T-5CF, 

    900L-T-5C, 900L-T-4CF, 900L-T-4C, 900L-T-3CF, 900L-T-3C, 900L-T-3.2D, 

    900L-T-2CF, 900L-T-2B, 900L-T-2.4D, 900L-T-1.6D

    T12 Soldering tips

    T12-B, T12-B2, T12-B3, T12-BL, T12-BC1, T12-BC2, T12-BC3, T12-C1, 

    T12-C4,   T12-D0.8, T12-D12, T12-D16, T12-D24, T12-D4, T12-D52, T12-IL, 

    T12-ILS,  T12-K,  T12-KF,  T12-KL, T12-KR, T12-KU

    N452 & N454 soldering tips

    N452-T-B, N452-T-2C, N452-T-3C, N452-T-4C, N452-T-I, N454-T-B, N454-T-I



    Tip Cleaning Notes:
    01)Work 100 is  the reserved profile for tip cleaning via compressed air(blue outlet)
    02)If the sponge cleaner is utilized,air-blow cleaning is normally not required.
    03)Some application require air-blow &sponge tip cleaning(depending upon tip type)
    04)Standard cleaning duration is 0.5 second
    05)The iron tip does not need to be extended if not required
    06)The air-blow cup is not included with the standard Luna system



    Competitive Advantage:


    Our advantage:

    1. Price: we always offer competitive prices and help our customers to cost down.

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    3. We keep a lot of stock for regular products and we can support small orders. Usually, our lead time is

        just 3 days. 

    4. We can also customize the products to fulfill different requirements.

    5. Credibility: We are the 6th year Alibaba Gold Supplier. Our customers are located all over the world. 

    6.Gratitude: We cherish and feel grateful to every customer for the business you give us. We are your 

       reliable partner and will return to you with good products and good support. 

    7.Professional: We have been in this business for more than 10 years. We have a strong professional  

       team with various experiences. 

    8. We keep doing new product development. Our goal is to enhance our competitive capacity constantly.

    9. We are a leading manufacturer of ESD Products, Cleanroom Products, Tools & Instruments for  

        Electronic Assembly Industry.   

    10. Quality: we do 100% inspection before the shipment. 

    11. Promise: we are always ready to shoulder the responsibility if any loss caused to our customer 

          due to our mistakes.

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